Great Aunt Rose's Pound Cake

The absolute best pound cake ever! While growing up, there was always a homemade cake or plate of cookies sitting on our kitchen counter. Even after we moved out of the house, you could always count on a sweet treat when you unexpectedly dropped by. One of my favorite dessert recipes is courtesy of my great Aunt Rose. This pound cake was a frequent visitor to the cake stand on the counter.

After my Mom passed away about 14 years ago, I tried to make this cake on my own. It always looked great coming out of the oven. But, when I tried to unmold it, it was a catastrophe. I tried tube pans with removable bottoms, ones without removable bottoms, and nothing worked.
My step mom had mastered this recipe and her cakes always came out beautifully. When I told her of my unmolding predicament, she surprised me with my Mom's old pound cake pan! Now I never have a problem getting the cake out of the pan.

Here is the recipe that I have been using for the past 14 years. I tried making it with butter and it never came out right. It's Imperial margarine all the way. It is my kids' favorite and now many of their friends ask for extra slices in my kids' school lunches. Hopefully if you try the recipe, you will be able to get it out of the pan even if you don't have my magic pan.
Guess what we are having for dinner tonight!

BTW - the recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon salt

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joey said...

A keeper recipe for sure! Perfect with fresh berries. Thanks for sharing, Amy.