Fu's - Our Chinese/Japanese/Sushi Joint

As I sit at my computer, I am so mad. I forgot my camera when we went out to dinner at our local Chinese/Japanese/Sushi joint known as FU'S. I usually take Moe, Larry and Curly there when The Husband goes out of town for the night. If he is eating out, so are we. Every time you drive by the restaurant it is open. I don't think the owners or workers ever sleep.

No Thank You Boy has been branching out of his food cocoon lately. He tried my California Roll a couple weeks ago. Tonight besides his basic Chicken and Broccoli (always good with the broccoli cooked just right and tender pieces of chicken), he got a Dragon Roll. I wish I had a picture to show -- it is really pretty. Barbecued eel and cucumber wrapped with sushi rice, nori and avocado. It is topped with a sticky teriyaki sauce and caviar. One of our family favorites because it is kid-friendly. He enjoyed it except for the avocado - too squishy for him.

I always get the Sushi Dinner which is a deal for $13.95. Miso soup and a lame salad with ginger carrot dressing to start. 6 pieces of sushi (2 salmon, 2 tuna and 2 I don't know what) and a California Roll complete the meal. Since we don't eat out that much, I love getting this dinner. a little hot saki makes for a happy Mom. The sushi making dudes (I'm sure they have a more professional sounding name)were making some really cool looking stuff tonight. Next time I am going to try something new. My Middle One got an Egg roll and Beef Lo Mein. My Oldest got Chicken Fried Rice. Both the Lo Mein and the Fried Rice are HUGE portions, which we like, so there will be leftovers for tomorrow. No blogging tomorrow. Dinner is in the bag.

As with most Chinese/Japanese restaurants, fortune cookies and pineapple chunks are complimentary. After learning how to say "behave yourself" in Chinese, finding out our lucky numbers and reading our fortunes were were off to home to put on our pajama pants because we ate too much. Can't wait for the leftovers.

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