Roasted Poblano Peppers Stuffed with Fresh Corn, Chicken and Goat Cheese

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Last night's dinner was an inspiration from a Martha Stewart Living magazine recipe.  My Husband and I loved the peppers! I know my last post said that I don't make different things for each member of my family, but, I wanted to try this recipe. I know there would be a tirade of backlash from the peanut gallery if this was the centerpiece of the dining room table. Therefore, I pretended we were out to dinner and each family member ordered what they wanted - kinda. Turkey Sloppy Joes for My Oldest and The Middle One, Ham Rollups and Apples for none other than No Thank You Boy, and Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Fresh Corn, Chicken and Goat Cheese and Mexican Brown Rice for the parents. Everyone was happy and it didn't break the bank to pick up the check.

We really enjoyed the The Stuffed Peppers. I have never made any kind of stuffed pepper before. The typical green pepper stuffed with ground beef and rice never appealed to me. This recipe was easy to make - less than 45 minutes prep time and I made it all ahead of time. Just popped it in the oven after daily running around with the kids.

After last night's stuffed pepper success, I am going to try different fillings. I have opened the door to a whole world. Watch your peppers.

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