Steak Wrapped Asparagus with Soy Glaze

"I can't believe you haven't posted this yet," commented My Oldest when see heard we were having Steak Wrapped Asparagus with Soy Glaze for dinner tonight. This dish is a family favorite that takes a little prep, but has impressive results. A side of jasmine rice mixed with edamame rounded out the meal. We all enjoyed dinner tonight.

My Middle One has been requesting this entree for quite some time now. "It was succulent and juicy," she said. I think she was being a bit sarcastic. She asked that the steak and asparagus be made separately next time. I told her, "It won't be Steak Wrapped Asparagus with Soy Glaze if I do that." "That's alright," she said, "I'll eat it no matter what it is called."

No Thank You Boy tried his first asparagus tonight. Alert the media! "I am turning into a vegetable guy. The asparagus tastes good soaked in whatever it is soaked in," he said.

My Oldest ate hers standing over the stove. She started with an appetizer of Tostitoes and a dip of fake cheese mixed with refried beans. She was grouchily hunger having just arrived home from softball practice. "Ummmm! These are some of my favorites. Can we have Asian lettuce wraps tomorrow?" She always wants to make sure we have a recipe in the queue.

This is one of our Top Ten Recipes. It also makes a nice little appetizer.

Steak Wrapped Asparagus with Soy Glaze

adapted from a recipe in Cuisine at Home magazine.

Scallions can be substituted or used in addition to the asparagus spears. The steak rolls can also be cooked in on a hot grill pan or grill.

makes about 30 rolls

1/2 cup soy sauce
4 tablespoons mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
3 tablespoons seasoned rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds of flank steak
1 pound fresh asparagus spears
scallions, thinly sliced for garnish

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place a baking rack in a large baking sheet. Set aside.

In a small bowl, combine soy sauce, mirin, seasoned rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and brown sugar. Set aside.

Lay steak flat on a cutting board. Slice very thin pieces against the grain and on an angle. You should have about 30 pieces of very thin steak. Cut the tough bottoms off the asparagus spears. Cut the remainder of the spears into 2 equal-sized pieces. Take one piece of meat and lay flat with the skinny end facing you. Place 2 pieces of asparagus at the end and roll up jelly roll style. Place in a large shallow glass dish. Roll remaining steak and asparagus. Pour marinade over rolls. Marinate for at least 30 minutes and up to a few hours, turning the rolls so the marinade evenly coats all sides.

After the marinating time, place the steak rolls on the prepared baking rack and sheet. Roast for about 8 to 10 minutes until browned and slightly charred. Meanwhile, pour any remaining marinade in a small pot and bring to a boil for about 3 - 5 minutes. Pour over steak rolls when they are taken out of the oven.

Top rolls with sliced scallions and serve with fluffy rice.


Leah said...

Oooooooh, those are right up my alley! I will absolutely give them a try.

PheMom said...

I made these a while ago too and loved them! Yours look great!

Anonymous said...

These really look easy and delish. But I laughed when I saw the dish you photographed on. I have the same ones and I've noticed on other food blogs the SAME dish! I believe mine were from Target? It just makes me laugh, don't know why.

But, back to the food. this recipe looks great!

amycaseycooks said...

leah - they are super delicious - and super easy.

phemom - thanks for reading!

we are never full - I take lots of photos on these plates - they are from Target. It's a small world. They are my favorites. I may make another trip to Target to see what else they have.

Anonymous said...

First off---OMG how delish!!! I have been craving asparagus so badly...it's still not the freshest here yet, but as soon as I get my hands on a decent bunch, I am totally making this.

Also--lmfao--I have a dish like that, too. (Sort of like a banana leaf looking design?) We don't have Target (GASP! The Horror!), I got mine at a kitchen store here. :)

michael, claudia and sierra said...

these would be a big ol' hit in my house