Cannelloni Crepes

Cannelloni Crepes

I like making Italian pasta dishes, but am usually stuffed after eating a bowl of pasta. Is it possible to make a lighter version of some classic Italian dishes? Surfing the web for recipes, I landed upon one for Cannelloni Crepes. What?!! Cannelloni made with crepes? Sounds more French than Italian.

From my research, I found out that cannelloni can be made with either sheets of pasta or crepes and filled with savory stuffings which may include ricotta cheese, spinach, and various meats. It is then covered with a sauce, typically classic tomato or bechamel sauce. Ok. I'll bite and give Cannelloni Crepes a try.

Major success! A lighter version of an Italian favorite. I love making new versions (at least to me) of classic recipes. Four of the five family members enjoyed the new cannelloni. A little explanation was in order to describe the new recipe, but My Oldest, My Middle One, The Husband, and I prefer the crepes to the pasta sheets. No Thank Boy is not a fan of cheese-filled Italian dishes. He invented his own dinner - The Hotdog Crepe. A dirty water dog rolled in two crepes was his new creation. To each his own.

I would have not envisioned Cannelloni Crepes being a new family favorite. Maybe it will be a hit at your house too.

Cannelloni Crepes

serves 5

5 large eggs
2/3 cup milk
2/3 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups flour
3 cups ricotta cheese - I used part skim
2 cups mozzarella cheese, grated
1 bunch fresh parsley, chopped
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
about 4 cups of your favorite marinara sauce or a double batch of my homemade version
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated

To make the crepes, in a large bowl mix first four ingredients. Add flour slowly and mix well. Let stand for 10 minutes. For each crepe, coat a crepe pan or 8 - inch nonstick pan with cooking spray and heat to medium high temperature. Ladle about 1/4 cup of the batter into the pan and swirl to cover bottom. Cook the crepe for about 1 - 2 minutes until browned. Flip the crepe and cook for about 15 seconds. Turn out onto parchment paper. Let cool.

For filling: Mix ricotta cheese, 1 cup of the mozzarella cheese, garlic powder and parsley in bowl. Set aside.

To assemble the cannelloni, coat a 9 x 13 inch baking dish with cooking spray. Add a layer of the sauce to dish. For each cannelloni, fill a cooled crepe with about 1/4 - 1/3 cup of the cheese filling and roll up. Place in prepared dish. Roll remaining crepes. Top with sauce, remaining mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. Bake at 375 for 25 minutes or until bubbly and heated through.


Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Great recipe! I love these. I left an award for you on my blog.

Peter M said...

These look awesome! I only discovered that Italians make crepe canneloni just a few years ago. Great photo too!

Patricia Scarpin said...

These look super yummy!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of this. Much lighter than the gut bombs that are stuffed into pasta.

Anonymous said...

Don't those look delicious! love the lighter version of a tasty dish, thanks! The fat could pared down even further, think I'll give that go.

Veronica said...

Canneloni crepes...yum. I really have to try those. What a beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

this is how my mom made cannelloni - so, so good. thus far, i've been too much of a wuss to make crepes, but your picture is killing me. i'll have to get over myself.

krysta said...

What a good idea. I cannot wait to try these.

Chef Erik said...

Looks great! I tried to make crepes once, not so good :( Your recipe seems a lot easier than the one I tried. I'll have to try this at work on Monday.

my2boyz said...

I stumbbled across your blog and what a wonderful idea! I will be back A LOT!

Prudy said...

That's two really good ideas in a row. Thanks for shaking things up. I love it.

Leah said...

Yummm....and pretty too!

Our Sunday paper just had a feature on crepes a few weeks ago; I tore it out and set it aside.

I'll have to give these a whirl!

Jan said...

I love crepes, and this sounds like a good way to serve them.

Emily said...

You've got my attention.

My sis always orders this when we got out, and it's SO GOOD!
I'd love to be able to make it myself. Maybe a chicken and spinach version with bechemel.

grace said...

oooh! i can already tell you that this'll be a new favorite around here. i get so tired of pasta, but i love italian flavors, so this is a fabulous alternative!

Robin Sue said...

your photo is wonderful! You are right, it would be a lighter dish which mean I can eat more of it!

amycaseycooks said...

lisa - thanks!!!!!!

peter m - such a great new recipe find for me. that's why cooling is so much fun.

patricia - thanks for visiting.

marc@no recipes - now I can eat twice as many.

jackie - I discovered that the nonfat ricotta is not too bad - may give it a try.

veronica - thanks!

michelle@tns - you are lucky to have had your mom make these for you. they are super easy to fill - much easier than the pasta tubes. if you can make a pancake, you can make these.

krysta - let me know how it goes

chef erik - try making crepes again. you won't be disappointed.

susan - thanks for visiting. love your blog too.

prudy - the planets must be in alignment - recipes have been coming easy to me this week. I like to add a little spice to dinner time.

leah - we love crepes at our house. now we can eat them more often

jan - thanks - crepes is a fav of mine too.

emiline - sounds like some good additions. Now that I know how easy these are to prepare, I'm going to change them up next time.

grace - ohhh!! you'll love them!!!

robin sue - more is always better!!

Deb said...

Recipe bookmarked! Can't wait to try it. =)

Brian and Staci said...

I just found your blog, again!....It was lost among my list of 10,000 favorites...and I was "cleaning up" and I found it!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited! I LOVE your recipes :)

Janet@Gourmet Traveller88 said...

This is awesome !!! I have got to try it one day, thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Great recipe! Love it!