Chipolte Crabby Patties

Add this recipe to your Dinner's Ready file. We seem to be eating in shifts more often lately. I have been concentrating on meals that I can make and stash in the frig. That way, my family can just heat and eat when they are home.

I made Chipotle Crabby Patties late yesterday afternoon and 3 of the 5 family members enjoyed them at their leisure. No Thank You Boy is a crabby patty when it comes to Crabby Patties - he also ate too much food when he got home from school to even be hungry at dinner time. My Middle One was still recuperating from endless Memorial Day fun - she did not think she was up for a spicy meal. My Oldest, who is not a fan of anything remotely spicy, ate 2 even though the patties had a little kick to them. The Husband commented on the heat, a prerequisite for a good meal for him. He slathered the Crabby Patties with chipolte mayonnaise to add extra spiciness. I ate mine on top of mixed greens with a squeeze of lemon. Oh so good!!

With a dozen Chipotle Crabby Patties in your refrigerator, Dinner's Always Ready.

Chipotle Crabby Patties

makes 1 dozen

1 pound jumbo lump crab meat - I bought it at Costco for $12.99/pound
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup diced red pepper
1/3 cup diced onion
1/3 cup diced celery
2 teaspoons Worcestershiresauce
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon chipotle powder
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 egg
1/2 cup panko
oil and butter for frying

Gently mix all ingredients in a large bowl being careful not to break up the crab to much. Form into 12 patties.

Heat a large saute pan to medium high. Drizzle about 2 - 3 tablespoons of oil and add 1 tablespoon of butter into pan. When hot, fry patties for about 3 - 4 minutes per side or until golden brown. Remove from pan and drain on paper towels.

Serve on top of mixed greens with a squeeze of lemon or on a whole wheat potato roll with chipolte mayonnaise (mix about 1 cup mayonnaise with about 1/2 teaspoon chilpote powder).


Peter M said...

I was just a Costco today and I'll look for the crab meat next time...to make lovely crabbie cakes like these!

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

These look good! I have a no thank you boy of my own that eats a peanut buitter sandwich everyday!

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I love crab cakes--sounds like a definite winner of a recipe. I just had crabs last weekend...and I want more! lol

Kana said...

I ADORE crab cakes!!

Prudy said...

I would love some of those crabcakes with the lemon berry tart. Everything looks just gorgeous!

Robin Sue said...

Oh man I love a good crab cake. I haven't made crab cakes in years and good ones are hard to find in restaurants. I'll give this a go soon.

krysta said...

i've been watching too much spongebob... i thought crabby patties were hamburgers...i need to get out more.

test it comm said...

Those crab cakes sound really tasty!

coffee and queso said...

ahhh, i love crabcakes, and i love chipotle perhaps even more (must be my adopted-Texan roots). i'm definitely going to purchase some chipotle powder next time i head to the store!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this recipe. Though, I would like to point out that chipoTLE (pronounced: chi-pote-lay) is how it is spelled, not chipolte. :-)