Grilled Jezebel Chicken

Grilled Jezebel Chicken
A new study by the University of Minnesota recently was published about dinner habits and adolescent girls. Being the mom to two teenage girls, I was interested in the results of the study. According to the report, for adolescent girls the positive impact of sharing regular family meals appears to last throughout their teenage years. Those who ate with their families at least five times a week during middle school were much less likely to drink, smoke or use marijuana five years later.

Wanting to do my part to promote drug-free girls, I made dinner for my daughters and one of My Oldest's teenage friends. I tested a couple new recipes on the girls. One of them was Grilled Jezebel Chicken. What could be better than a dish named after the wicked biblical temptress to serve a group of teenage girls? The sweet and spicy Jezebel Sauce, which is popular in the southern United States, was basted on grilled chicken breast.

Here is the Jezebel Sauce -

We all liked the new sauce for grilled chicken. It was like a fruity barbecue sauce without the ketchupy flavor. It would be delicious on ham or pork roast, tenderloin, or chops also. One grilling note, be careful brushing the sauce on the chicken while it is on the grill. The high sugar content can cause flare ups.

Do your part to keep our teenage girls on the straight and narrow. Have dinner at home with them tonight.

Grilled Jezebel Chicken

1/2 cup apricot jam
1/2 cup crushed pineapple
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
5 chicken breasts, skinless - either with or without bones

In a blender or food processor, combine the apricot jam, pineapple, and Dijon mustard. Process for about 15 seconds. Set sauce aside.

Heat a grill to medium high. Grill chicken about 10 - 12 minutes total time for boneless and 20 - 25 minutes for bone-in. Turn chicken half way through the grilling time. After the first turn, brush chicken with sauce. After total grilling time, turn chicken again and brush with sauce. Grill for a couple minutes to char chicken slightly. Remove to platter and serve with extra sauce for dipping.

A quick appetizer idea -

The Jezebel Sauce can also be served on top of cream cheese with crackers.


Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Great recipe and great name! You are right about trying to make sure your kids have dinner together. My kids are not teenagers yet but I encourage them to have their friends over all the time.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

I love the name! I wonder why they call it the jezebel sauce. I've no doubt it was delicious and hence so very tempting.

Jenny said...

What a great recipe! I truely believe those studies are right, it's so important to have that family time around the dinner table. I bet your girls just loved this!

I love jezebel sauce, I made a burger that was glazed in this sauce and it was soooo good!

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious - I've never heard of jezebel sauce before but it looks great.

kat said...

that is one yummy sounding sauce!

Leah said...

I gotta believe that study -- family dinners at home can't be anything but good for all kids. My girls are a few years of from their teens, but my son is almost there...even though it's getting to the point that talking to us is becoming an annoying chore, we continue to require his company at the dinner table. ;-)

I expect to see Jezebel Cream Cheese Dip on a future EAT! Happy Hour post!! ;-)

natashall said...

This looks fantastic! Really simply yet I bet it packs a good punch. I really like your thinking with your daughters and think your committment to doing so with food is a fabulous idea.

Sandy said...

Your recipes look delicious! Actually that study (or similar) goes for boys too! I've posted it on my blog (in past) and I think it's so important for families to know!

Fun finding you!

Prudy said...

Thanks, I really need this recipe. It seems like I'm running all over town just before dinner time, so I have to have things that we can sit down to the minute we come throught the door.

maybelles mom said...

really interesting recipe. i had never heard of jezebel sauce.