Dill Pickle Potato Salad

Dill Pickle Potato Salad
I have been cooking for over thirty years. My early cooking adventures during my preteen years included many recipes with Bisquick, hotdogs, instant pudding, and chocolate chips. My best friend growing up was Susie, and we would spend our Saturdays grilling up a package of Oscar Mayer hotdogs and whipping up a batch of double chocolate instant pudding to eat topped with Cool Whip. Oh those were the days.

Fast forward to 2005. I am working with my friend Amy in a small gourmet shop. We are the cooks, dishwashers, menu planners, waitresses, counter help, and trash taker-outers. It is our dream job. Amy has a fantastic recipe for potato salad that came from a relative of hers. We put it on the menu, and it is a hit. Every sandwich and wrap comes with a side of Dill Pickle Potato Salad. We are making batches of the salad every day. I can even make the salad in my sleep.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, a batch of Dill Pickle Potato Salad will be perfect for your holiday celebration. No picnic is complete without it.

Dill Pickle Potato Salad
makes about 6 servings

2 pounds of small red potatoes, about 10
1 tablespoon pickle juice from the pickle jar
2 tablespoons Italian dressing. I recommend Newman's Own Italian Dressing
2 whole dill pickles, cut in large chunks
2 stalks of celery, diced
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt

Fill a large pot with cold water and place on stove. Cut potatoes in large chunks and place in pot. Cook potatoes over medium high heat for about 20 - 30 minutes or until just cooked through. Drain and place in a large bowl. Add pickle juice and dressing and toss to coat. Cover bowl with a towel for 10 minutes.

Add pickles, celery, mayonnaise, pepper and salt. Toss to coat all the ingredients with the mayonnaise. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Debbie said...

This sounds delicious. Never used a pickle in potato salad. I will have to try this sometime.

Maki said...

Looks tasty. I used to drink pickle juice out of the jar :)

Potatoes, mayo and pickles. Love it but I would have to add a sprinkling of diced bacon on top. It's like the cherry atop the cake ;)

Creative Classroom Core said...

I love dill pickles, so this looks like a great addition to me!

Jamie said...

I love how simple and quick this potato salad looks. Would be perfect for that summer barbecue. Thanks for sharing it.

Stacey said...

I just made chocolate instant pudding this weekend on a whim--I always forget how good it can be!

Your potato salad looks delicious!

Robin Sue said...

I like dill pickles in my potato salad too. Adds a nice crunch and flavor. That did sound like a fun job!

kat said...

We like Old Dutch Dill Pickle Potato Chips so I'm imagining this flavor in potato salad would be a big hit here too

MaryBeth said...

This to me is the perfect tater salad..I love dill

teresa said...

I love the idea of using Italian dressing, it looks mouthwatering!

maris said...

Sounds great! I love recipes like this, classic ones, but that have a little twist!

Jamie said...

Ok, needless to say I ate exactly like you did when I was a kid. And now I would love a bowl of that potato salad; it looks great! Happy 4th of July!

Jamie said...


I left you a post on this dish the other day but now I want to let you know that I'm giving you a blog award.

Please stop by my site to pick it up.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I love potato salad and slaw and yours looks really good.

This is so funny....I think we have the same green dish. Mine came from my mother-in-law's kitchen. She just loved hers and when she died, I had to bring them home.