The Shandy

I must admit that cooking in my kitchen has been, well, on vacation lately. From nights spent on softball fields, to vacationing at the Jersey Shore, to take out pizza at the local pool, to date night at the local sushi restaurant, I have not been as creative as I would like. As of late, I have been enjoying sitting on the deck of a summer beach home. The warm July sun in the late afternoon calls for a refreshingly light and fruity cocktail. Nothing is better than a ice cold beverage to quench your thirst after a day was spent basking in the sun on the sandy beach.

I was introduced to The Shandy by my sister-in-law who is a self-proclaimed mixologist. Skeptical at first of drink that combines beer and lemonade and is served over ice with a lemon wedge, this thirst quenching libation is perfect for a hot summer day. There are many variations of the Shandy, but I find this version a satisfying mix.

I will be back in the kitchen soon enough. But for now, my lounge chair is calling.

The Shandy
makes 2 drinks

1 12-ounce beer
about 1 1/2 cups of lemonade
lemon wedges

Fill 2 tall glasses with ice. Divide the beer and lemonade between the glasses and top with a lemon wedge.

Bottoms up!


Annie Jones said...

I love The Shandy! Sometimes I make them with limeade instead; I call that a Beergarita.

Robin Sue said...

This sounds perfectly refreshing to me. I'll be right over for happy hour on Friday! Hope you had fun at the beach-saw your tweet!

Denise said...

This sounds so good. I am going to the beach for vacation on Saturday, will have to try these..

Linda said...

Well, I love Bud Light Lime...now this sounds like something I would love too because I am not a "just plain beer" kind of girl!!

stephanie said...

Well I have to tell you we make these by the pitcher full except we use one can of pink lemonade to 3 bottles of beer, we call them Pink Panty Pulldowns, gotta love the Bunco Babes! :-)

Maria said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer. Great way to cool off!

Stephanie said...

I first had a shandy while in Wales. The Shandy there is 1/2 beer and 1/2 lemonade - but it is the carbonated lemonade. Not Sprite -- but a fizzy lemonade.

I'll have to try yours too -- sounds yummy.

Ben said...

Summer is always a lazy season for me and my kitchen, too. I just can't spend a lot of time inside when there is so much to do outdoors. That drinks sounds interesting... I bet it is very refreshing, perfect for these hot days.

Ninette said...

What kind of beet do you recommend using with this drink? Something light like a Corona? What about a Sierra Nevada? Interesting drink!

kat said...

I really need to try this too though its been a Pimm's Cup summer for me

teresa said...

I just got back the shore yesterday and am now nursing a pretty wicked sunburn, ooops!

This looks like a really yummy way to find refreshment!

amycaseycooks said...

Annie Jones - I love a good margarita - the beer and limeade combo sounds intriguing.

Robin Sue - thanks - I do so love the beach.

Stephanie - Any room in your bunco group? :)

Ninette - I like a light beer but use whatever is your favorite.

Patsyk said...

Continue enjoying your time in the lounge chair! Real-life will still be waiting when you return, so there's no rush! ;)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I had forgotten all about these since I used to live on tem in Britain on holiday. Thanks for the shake-up:D