Night of the Leftovers

The Super Bowl has come and gone. My team lost but, the party must have been a success because I have a messy house to show for it. If parties are rated on the quantity and quality of food, this one was one of the best. Pulled pork and coleslaw, italian meatballs, chicken wings, dim sum, bacon wrapped pineapple with barbecue sauce, layered taco dip, potato skins, spicy cheese dip with tortilla chips, three bean chili, hotdogs, chex mix, broccoli salad, grilled hot and sweet sausage, shrimp boiled in beer, reese peanut butter cup brownies, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, oreo cheesecake, muddie buddies, beer, wine, margaritas, soda, -- just to name a few items on the menu last night. Needless to say, I will be handing out the leftovers around the neighborhood. I will try to refrain for doing too much cooking at home this week but, that is usually a losing cause. I did not even mention the 12 homemade pizzas waiting in the freezer that did not even make it out of the freezer. Maybe I'll scale done the menu for the next party. NOT!!!

No recipe posting today. I'll be back to cooking as soon as I digest from yesterday.

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