As I look back on my blogging so far this year, the recipes are pretty good but the writing has been boring. There is a good story here and there but, nothing unique to set it apart from the others. I am digging deep to reach those creative juices to prepare good food and provide better insight into the reactions from all that is involved in feeding a family in today's world.

From growing up in the Midwest in the 70's and 80's, I remember those "Leave it to Beaver" - type dinners. I'm sure that I am only remembering the good times. Today's dinners in our house are a far cry from what I remember from my old days. Not that that is bad; it is just different. We have new schedules, traditions, stories, and eating habits and I am going to focus on relating that to my readers. First and foremost, I love to cook. There will still be a bunch of new recipes because that is what this blog is all about. Hopefully, it will be a little more entertaining too.

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