Food Tip of the Day #2

Having a dip such as Dill Dip in your refrigerator allows for many options during the week. It can be thinned with some half and half and used as a dressing for your favorite salad, mixed with diced cucumbers and sweet vadalia onions for a topping for grilled mahi mahi, spooned into hollowed out cherry tomatoes for a quick appetizer, or served as a dip with potato chips and cut up celery, carrots, and sugar snap peas.


Paula said...

Oooh, sliced cucumbers topped with creamy dill dip sounds so good as a side salad! Love these food tips. This one as well as the tip for cooking extra fish to create two meals. Now I need a plan to keep my houligans away from the extra fish!

Patsyk said...

Great tip! I think I need to make some dill dip to keep around now that I have some other uses besides bread or crudites!