The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have been told this for years. It is the meal that jump starts the day. In the warm summer months, a smoothie whipped up with nonfat Greek yogurt and ripe strawberries, peaches and plums is a standard breakfast at our house. But as the warm days give way to cold and dark winter mornings, something a little more hardy and not so healthy is a grab and go meal that can be eaten with one hand.

I have loved the American institution that is the Egg McMuffin for as long as I can remember. The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich was created to fill my need for this McDonald's breakfast staple when there was not a McDonald's in sight. The English muffin is made with white flour, the egg is high in cholesterol, the ham and American cheese are loaded with fat, and the butter is full of calories, but boy does this morning sandwich sure taste good. On occasion, I have been known to make a half dozen of The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich, wrap each in parchment paper, and store them in the refrigerator for a quick breakfast. Just heat in the microwave on low power for about a minute and you will be out the door and on with your day in no time at all.

Swimsuit season is months away. Why not enjoy The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich today. Add a glass of orange juice and all your food groups are covered.

The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

makes 1 sandwich

1 English muffin, split
1 large egg
2 slices American cheese
2 slices honey ham

Heat a small skillet to medium and add a pat of butter. Spray the inside of a 3 inch round biscuit cutter and place in the skillet. Crack egg into the biscuit cutter and cook the egg until the outside of the yolk is cooked just through.

Loosen the egg from the edge of the cutter with a small knife and remove the cutter from the pan. Flip the egg and cook for an additional 2 - 3 minutes. You want the yolk of the egg just cooked through.

Remove to a plate and cover to keep warm. Add the ham to the pan and cook to just heat through.

Meanwhile, toast the English muffin and butter both sides. Immediately top each side with a slice of American cheese. Place the ham on the bottom half of the muffin and top with the cooked egg. Place the remaining half of the muffin on top of the egg.

Breakfast is served.

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Ed Schenk said...

Looks great. I use a greased muffin tin when I make a batch!

amycaseycooks said...

Great idea Ed. I can make many more sandwiches that way.

Penny said...

Great idea to use the biscuit cutter. If you were dieting,like someone I know, You could use a half of a whole wheat English muffin, skip the butter and have it open faced.

VegeDeb said...

I love sandwiches for breakfast!

I make mine with a whole wheat English muffin, a "fried" egg (spray pan with nonstick coating or wipe with oily paper towel), a slice of Swiss cheese - even better if I have smoked Swiss on hand - and a Morningstar Farms Breakfast Pattie.

I also put a little bit of light mayo and yellow mustard on them. So good!